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I mentioned to the wise Chris Strom this morning how I occasionally search Twitter for mentions of Prolog, and he suggested that I add a Twitter search for it to my Google Reader. Shortly after doing so, it turned up a conversation directly relevant to my ongoing chain.

Tweet about Prolog Server Pages

The linked page is an extensive discussion by Benjamin Johnston on the background and motivation behind Prolog Server Pages, a method of embedding Prolog code within an HTML page. This seems to be close to what I was hoping for on my wishlist the other day.

The implementation of Prolog Server Pages given seems to be a bit more than just a simple templating system but also provides session management as well. The predicates provided as part of the SWI libraries for generating HTML do have the advantage that they make it more difficult to produce invalid HTML. However, I am definitely going to use the templating portion as part of the Prolog Blog code. Not only will it save time in writing the pages the first time, I think it will make the pages in the site easier to understand and maintain. I have almost finished implementing an RSS feed as a templated file.

Having more Prolog code related to the web in any way is great too, as the ultimate goal of all this work is for me to learn new Prolog techniques and innovative uses of Prolog. I also realized that I need to continue searching for information about interfacing Prolog with the web, since I missed the work on Prolog Server Pages previously.

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Tom Wright on March 19, 2009 7:06AM

Aha! That's how you found me. Nice to meet you sir.

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