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Need a Ruby rails now?

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Refactoring applies to CSS too

I came across this today:

.purple { color: #000181; }

For reference, this is what “purple” is defined as:


CSS has been around long enough that hopefully it is obvious that this a terrible name for a class. That wasn’t enough to make me write about it. Even worse than the bad naming, is needing to change pages that use this class without changing the name to something sensible. Failing to do so will lead to what I found elsewhere. Purple had been redefined as:

.purple {
  color: #4B7C80;

which looks like:


Refactoring can should apply to CSS too. If you find a badly named class, it might seem to easier to just keep using it, but it only gets more confusing as time goes on.

To help make the point, I’ll leave you to ponder this:

.big_purple {
  font-size: 18px;
  font-weight: bold;


Site updated

I made some site changes today. Most were just internal code changes but there are some visible changes as well. The About Me page actually has some content now, including some random tweets pulled from Twitter.

Posts with actual content coming soon!


Less than effective advertising

I saw this ad for the Washington Post on Gmail today. Trying to sell me on their up to the minute news would be much more effective if the story it linked to wasn’t from November 2007.

Gmail ad

The story on


Cultural differences?

I have the same model cell phone from a Canadian phone company and an American phone company. They have slightly different firmware and a difference I notice often is the message when I turn off the ringer. The Canadian purchased phone says ‘Etiquette mode on’ and the American phone says ‘Silencer on’. These create some very different mental images for me:

Etiquette book and guns with silencers


New site started

Welcome to my new site. It still needs some more information but you can click on the Photos link to see some pictures I’ve uploaded to Flickr.

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